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Better Movement Better Brain

Hi, I'm Dr. Michael Tebbe and as a Chiropractor I have a passion for children's health.  I am one of the few baby Chiropractors in Los Angeles.


My passion for working with babies and children began in 2011 when the parents of baby Austin brought him in for a chiropractic consult.  Austin was 4 months old, he cried constantly, he was constipated and a generally unhappy baby.  Austin’s parents felt frustrated with their pediatrician who, they reported, kept telling them this was “normal colic” behavior. Fortunately their friend shared with them how helpful, gentle and safe Chiropractic care was for their baby and recommended they bring their baby in to me for an evaluation.  After a thorough history & examination I found dysfunctions in his spine and cranium resulting in his body not functioning as it should.  Following the first adjustment Autstin’s dad noticed a slight improvement in the Austin’s behavior.  4 days later Austin received his second adjustment.  After Austin’s second gentle adjustment he had a HUGE bowel movement within an hour of arriving home and slept for 8 hours straight.  His parents said “Wow...we have a new baby”. His unceasing crying stopped, he resumed regular/frequent bowel movements and his sleeping improved.

Seeing the impact Chiropractic care had on Austin and his family my interest was piqued and I yearned to understand more the amazing health benefits that can be realized for babies and children receiving Chiropractic care.  


I have invested another 500 hours researching the science behind how spinal dysfunction affects every system of the body including the immune system.  I also learned gentle specific adjustive techniques for babies and children.  Since acquiring these skills I have been blessed to work with many other babies and children with great results.

Another result of my research on babies helped me to realize how the baby's position and freedom of movement can also affect babies.  For this reason I do talks and provide care to pregnant women to help them and their babies. 


Outside of the office my wife and I are enjoying our first beautiful baby girl.  Yes, I did check my daughter after she was born.


If you are wondering “could Chiropractic help me and my child?” I encourage you to call and find out.  

Here is an interview from Voyage LA

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