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Is Chiropractic safe during pregnancy

Updated: Nov 17, 2018

During my years as a Chiropractor I am frequently asked the question "Is Chiropractic safe during pregnancy?"  Typically I am asked this by current patients who recently found out they are pregnant.  The resounding answer to this question is yes it is safe.  It is especially safe with a Chiropractor who has specific training in the care of pregnant women.  In this article I will share some of the studies that show Chiropractic to be safe during pregnancy.  We will also discuss some general benefits to seeing a Chiropractor during pregnancy.


I am fortunate to have worked with many pregnant women.  There is always some concern on their part about what could happen to their baby.  What they all find after receiving care is that the process is very gentle.  They find that their fears regarding Chiropractic treatment were not real.  The research also supports these womens' experience.  The following article is a reveiew of the literature regarding Chiropractic and pregnancy  This article pulled 33 different references found in PubMed.  PubMed is where all medical research articles are collected from all over the world.  The information from all the references is very positive for Chiropractic during pregnancy.  It is found to be safe and effective at helping pregnant women.  As with many areas of health more research is being done in this area.


In previous posts I have written I cover extensively the benefits of Chiropractic during pregnancy.  Another article which I have not shared before selected a group of @ 115 women with low back pain during pregnancy.  What they found was that most of the women notable improvement in their symptoms.  This is really important because untreated back pain during pregnancy can persist after pregnancy and turn into a chronic problem.  Mothers do not need this since they have children who require their attention and care.

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Is Chiropractic Safe During Pregnancy

I strongly recommend that women utilize Chiropractic during pregnancy.  Not only is it safe but it helps to make pregnancy more comfortable.  An easier pregnancy and easier birth are highly beneficial for the baby.  That is my passion to help babies have the brightest start to life possible and that begins during pregnancy.

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