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Better Sleep and Easier Movement

Dr. Michael Tebbe is a pregnancy Chiropractor in West LA.  He is passionate about empowering moms with simple tools that ensure their baby's future is bright. As the owner of Bright Start Chiropractic, he shares a simple message with his clients: what happens to mom, happens to baby. That is why it is so important for moms to  enjoy pregnancy chiropractic care for a stress-free pregnancy. In addition, when babies aren't able to move properly, their brains are not receiving the nutrients necessary to truly shine. Through his practice and speaking engagements, Dr. Tebbe makes sure that moms can give their babies a Bright Start.


Better Movement Better Brain

Dr Michael Tebbe is one of the few baby Chiropractors in West LA.  His message is simple.  Babies can experience stress.  It could be poor movement in the womb, a long labor or a difficult birth.  This can lead to lack of normal movement which can affect breast feeding, digestion, pooping, and sleeping to name a few.  As a baby Chiropractor  he uses gentle techniques to help relax your baby allowing them to keep more food down, sleep better, feed with more ease and be happier.

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Helping you move better

Do you want to move better?  Do you want to enjoy movement again?  Dr Michael Tebbe DC helps you fix your movement problems.  Everything you have done or has happened to you in your life leaves its mark.  As one of the best Chiropractors in West LA Dr Tebbe helps you move how you want to again.  By using various techniques such as: adjustments, myofascial release, and prescribing specfic exercises you will regain your lost mobility.  

Stop telling yourself this is normal aging and start enjoying better sleep, golf, playing with your kids or whatever it s that you want to do. 

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